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Trading Tips & Insights

Simplicity & Discipline are Key


A few considerations when developing your trading strategy. 

Most important: have the discipline to follow your strategy and avoid letting emotions take over.


Choose A Market:

  • Every market, whether Futures, Forex, Stocks, Bonds, all have different personalities and behaviors. Each one reacts differently to economic news, geo-politics, and market events.
  • Choose one market and learn it well.

Choose a Time of Day to Trade:

  • Markets behave different throughout the day and night markets depending on when various exchanges open and close around the world. 
  • Be aware of Economic News announcement times each day. News can move the market very quickly and with high volatility. (link to Econoday Calendar)

Choose Charting Time Frame

  • Choose a trading time frame.  Which ever you choose, learn it well.  Minute, Volume, Tick, Point and Figure, Kagi, Renko, and Range charts are all valid. 
  • Higher and lower time frames as references for broader market view.

Daily Targets

  • Set a daily profit target, once you reach it, stop trading and go enjoy your day.
  • Set a max daily loss limit for yourself…. and most importantly be disciplined enough to follow your plan.


You would not run a marathon without training first.  So why would you risk your hard earned money without trading it in simulation first?


AcuTrader for Stocks, Bonds, Futures, Forex… Any Time, Any Day!

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