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Trading Indicator

  Simple & Powerful Trade Signals!


Entry Signal

AcuBars & AcuTrend

Green: BUY 

Red: SELL (or short trade)

Blue: Neutral  (continue existing trend) 


Exit Signal

Once your Profit Target is reached!     (or)

Tighter Risk Exit – when price closes outside of AcuStop line

Higher Risk Exit – when price closes outside AcuTrend line




Advanced Traders, AcuBars Buy, Sell, Neutral signals are core of the system, experienced traders may choose to disable the AcuStop line and rely mainly on AcuBars and AcuTrend



Best NinjaTrader Indicator



The core indicator driving  AcuTrader strategy.  Buy after AcuBar closes Green, Sell (or short) after AcuBar closes Red.  Neutral trend when AcuBar is Blue, trends may continue in the direction of the existing trend.  


It is that Simple!


AcuTrend line:  

Indicates overall market trend. Prices above the green AcuTrend line indicate a general up trend, Prices below a red AcuTrend indicate a general down trend.  It is not suggested to take trades in the opposite direction of the market trend.  Use for trade entry and exits.


AcuStop line: (optional)

The AcuStop is a guide for when to exit a trade once price closes outside of AcuStop line. This option establishes tighter exits.  This is especially recommended for beginning traders as safer exits.  Experienced traders may choose to disable for higher risk exits.


Profit Target:  

Set a profit target and exit when reached!  Trader may use variable profit targets based on exit signals (reversal) of AcuBars or closes outside the AcuTrend or AcuStop lines.  Our sample strategy is available at  Trading Strategy.



Yes, you may enable/disable the AcuBars, AcuTrend, and AcuStop individually.

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