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Auto Trader & Strategy Builder

We  are proud to now partner with Bloodhound Shark Indicators!




AcuTrader AutoTrader & Strategy Builder

  • Use Bloodhound to create your own discretionary or automated system with AcuTrader.
  • Semi Auto & Fully Auto Capable.
  • Backtesting capabilities using the Bloodhound software with AcuTrader.


Choose how you want to trade!

  • Use the autotrader to provide easy to see entry signals & triggers.
  • Use the autotrader to automate entries & exits.
  • Remove human emotion & interference.
  • Make trading easy and simple to execute and manage.
  • Add your own custom filters to fine tune signals with any other NinjaTrader Indicators.


Dual support from both AcuTrader & Sharkindicators with full training on all indicators & software.
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Best NinjaTrader Indicator

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